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About Peace of Mind Services, LLC

It is difficult to go about your day when something at your house or business is giving you problems. Are you struggling with abrupt power shut-downs at your residence? Or are you looking to bolster the security systems at your workplace? Let Peace of Mind Services do the work for you. We offer cost-effective solution services in Houston and adjoining areas.

Why Choose Our Team?

We are a down-to-earth business committed to the highest level of expertise and customer service. We pride ourselves in professionalism and performance. Whatever your needs might be, our team has what it takes to sort it out. Every one of our customers can trust in our quality services.

Houston Commercial Security Services

We recognize that businesses have individual needs when it comes to protecting their assets. This is why we have specialists on hand to help come up with the best security solutions for employees, properties, and businesses.

We utilize only top-tier security equipment from brands such as Milestone, HID Global, Hikivision, Axis, and Honeywell. Your security system is the best line of defense against asset loss. Protect your properties by using Peace of Mind Security Services in Houston.

Houston Business Generator Services

Houston’s weather poses a serious problem for generators. Faulty generators can cause severe problems for you and your staff. Frequent inspections and anticipatory maintenance plans allow you catch the problems early.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to dispatch well-trained service staff to inspect and repair generator brands like Generac, General Electric (GE), Cummins, and Caterpillar, among others.

Losing electrical power can be distressing. Peace of Mind Houston generator service technicians with years of experience and expertise can solve your problems, irrespective of fuel type– whether it is diesel, gasoline, or another alternative.

Houston Solar Panel Home & Commercial Services

Residential solar panels help reduce electricity bills, particularly during the summer months when air conditioners are left to run all day. On the other hand, commercial solar panel installations can help increase productivity levels at work, by cutting down electricity costs.

Peace of Mind services in Houston specialize in solar panel installations, maintenance and repairs. We use the latest solar technology to build scalable systems that last longer and perform better than their traditional counterparts. Our proficient network of individuals allows us to offer reasonably priced solar power solutions in Houston and surrounding areas.

Houston Professional Electrical Services

At Peace of Mind Services, our licensed technicians are experts at providing an array of electrical repair services. Whether your living room lights are flickering or your breaker box is faulty, we locate the problem quickly and repair the electrical system with no disruptions to the residence or commercial property.

We realize that electrical issues are potential fire hazards. Trust us to efficiently handle whatever electrical issues you might have, rather than try fixing it yourself. Hiring a professional electrician means you get quality and responsive service. Our Houston Peace of Mind electricians are on call for emergency services, 24 hours a day and 7 days every week.