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    Video SurveillanceAccess ControlPublic AddressVideo IntercomIntrusion DetectionParking ControlFire Detection

    Video Surveillance

    Video security systems have evolved to include features such as motion detection, determining quantity of persons in area, items taken or left behind and reading license plates. Active alerts are received based on security areas, creating a proactive security system that increases awareness to manage assets and facilitate safe working area. Integrations with Access Control and Intercom systems create a solid security system.

    Access Control

    Protect your facility with an access control system.  Electronic locks on doors or entry gates that are controlled via credentials such as Cards, Keypad or Biometric readers.  Limit access to personnel and vendors based on location and time.  Monitor and Control the system locally and remotely.  Integration to other systems such as Video and Intercom systems make a solid security system.

    Public Address

    Communication in a facility is crucial. Announcements can be broadcasted to the entire facility or departmentalized. Dual communication is available, personnel may reply handsfree. Pre recorded messages can be scheduled to play automatically based on schedule or event.

    Video Intercom

    Know who is at the door or gate and grant access remotely. With integrated video call up, identifying persons is simple and recorded for audit requirements.

    Intrusion Detection

    Protect your assets and your personnel with an intrusion detection system. Know when an intruder has gained unauthorized access to your facility. With perimeter sensors and detectors create a fortress of protection during scheduled hours. Integration with Video Surveillance system to extend the effectiveness of your intrusion detection system.

    Parking Control

    Secure your property and Control of the entry to your property with Parking Conrol gates and identification systems such as cards or vehicle idetification. Automatic Gate open and close based on schedules or events.

    Fire Detection

    Save lives and protect your facility with a fire detection system. Sensors can detect heat, smoke or other substances in hidden areas. Containment of fire spread will ensure the life safety of your personnel as well as damage to the facility.