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ElectricianWhen it comes to anything electrical, your safety is the biggest thing to be concerned about especially if it has to do with your Katy TX home. If you’ve got a couple damaged appliances, relatively high bills or even flickering lights, there might be some electrical issues associated with your circuit in your home. Our article features some of the top electrical problems that are pretty common in your home.

Top 5 Causes of Electrical Problems Katy Residents Experience

First on our list is the case of frequent surges. And if you didn’t already know, these are easily caused due to poor electrical wiring, faulty appliances, damaged power lines and even from strikes of lightning. If you’ve ever witnessed a surge, you’ll know that it barely even lasts for a whole second, but it can do multiple damages throughout your home and take away from the expectancy of your appliances and electronics.

And if you actually experience this pretty often; it might be due to faulty wiring or something connected to your grid. So, it’s a great idea to start with disconnecting cheaply constructed power boards and devices at once. And if your problem doesn’t stop, it’s a great idea to contact a licensed electrician.

Next on our list is power dips. Just like surges, dips and sags can also be caused due to devices that are connected to your grid. And it’s also a sign of poor quality craftsmanship. Devices that fall into this category tend to use too much power when they are in use.

Third on our list is the simple case of light switches that don’t work in the way that they should. If you’ve got dimmers that don’t dim your lights down, it just might be due to crappy installation or even a not so great product. In the case where you’ve moved into a new place and can’t seem to find things that work with switches, they might have been used for fixtures that are now removed. And these switches could also be a fault in the original wiring that was done; so, be sure to get in contact with an electrician to have these sorted out soon.

Fourth on our list is the frequent tripping of circuit breakers. If you’re used to using hair dryers or even microwaves, you can experience this at times. And it occurs when you’ve got other high consumption gadgets plugged in at the same time. So, if your breakers trip, they’re simply just doing their job; however, this just simply means that you can limit the usage of these devices or use lower settings.

Fifth on our list is a circuit overload.
These have been known to be the biggest issue yet. And they if you experience frequent breaker tripping it simply means that your power boards are over loading. These can be prevented by simply removing all plugged-in devices that aren’t in use, not burdening a circuit or simply exercising some caution when you connect devices.

Finding the Right Katy Electrician to Help

As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 5 common electrical issues that can occur within your home. So, if you experience one or more the mentioned issues, be sure to contact a professional electrician in Katy right away. It’s always better to be safe when it comes to dealing with electrical issues!